Case Study “What does E3 2011 means to Advertising?” Part 1

Hello world,
It’s been a while. Sorry. But sh*t got real last weekend with my food poisoning, I wish that on no one. It’s serious business. Anyway. I think I’m back, more like 70% but it’s better than nothing.
/*UPDATE*[This article turned out to be longer than i expected so i broke it down into 3 parts: Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo]/*The common of mortals didn’t realize but this week is arguably the most important week for the video game industry. Every year, the second week of June host the incomparable E3. Actually I like the Tokyo Game showbetter (but that’s just me). E3 is the mecca for the video game industry. It’s the place where the leaders, followers and wannabes all converge to feast their eyes, and thumbs over the next big thing.Unfortunately, I don’t think there was a clear winner this year. On one side Sony introduced a new 3D TV and the PSVita. Then we have Nintendo with the Wii U or Nintendo U, or The U. Don’t forget about the Kinect and the year of “Voice command/recognition” and Live TV to your Xbox.

All that sound really good to gamers, but what does it mean to advertising and marketing? A lot! (lol)

Sure our industry is never quick to follow, and I don’t blame them. ROI are kind of dictating what we can, can’t and should be done. But this is the year for you to “Jump in”.
We will look closely at what all the new technology introduced this week will have to offer. Ultimately you’ll form your opinion and ideas, I’m just providing the spark. Here we go.

Microsoft Xbox

I was really excited about the Xbox keynote. As an owner you’re always looking forward to the upgrades coming your way. Before the keynote I had a list of things i wanted to see and hear. I’m glad to say that most of it came into play. Kinect upgrades being the biggest item on the list.

The venue of Kinect did a wonderful job at sparkling imagination and ideas across the globe. Designers and programmers alike didn’t waste time after the launch to Hack the system to turn it into all sorts of tool. The Xbox team didn’t play deaf and took notes. A year later, Kinect team serves up: Kinect Fun Labs.

An application that gives to the opportunity to explore currently developed (read approved) hacks made by programmers around the globe. I tried it. It’s cool. But from an advertising perspective it’s an incredible tool.
Before i go forward, let me say that i don’t understand why nobody came up with a cool kinect campaign yet…Anyway. So i tried this application called Bobble head (note that microsoft call those apps gadgets) And was greatly amazed and surprise that Nissan didn’t waste anytime and “jumped in.”

The gadget allows you to create a custom avatar like bobble head based on your features using the Kinect Cam. Ok…then what? Bobble head? ok. It’s fun for like 2 seconds. Oh wait. Social interaction, ok so you shared it with your friends…then what? The longest time I’ve spent on it was trying to have Kinect read my face.

On the other hand i want to applaude Nissan. They introduce “A car” in the game. I mean there’s no way to tell which one since the bobble heads are on the dashboard. On the positive side you can still see the logo on the wheel and the interior looks nice.

/*Update*: Wow the Nissan Logo is gone. I looked again today and it disappeared. What happened? Weird.*/

If I was the lead on this, i would slap an XM or Sirious radio free 30 day trial on there. That way you give your audience replay value for at least 30 days. I mean it’s true that you can add and customize as many bobble head as you want on your dash, but it gets boring. Satellite radio would enhance the experience at least for a bit. Why? well think about it for second. Last fm or Pandora integration would be fun but dull. Dull? yes because with Satellite radio you get syndicated shows and live sessions that Pandora and LastFmdon’t have. 30 Days trial, gives you free access to all those shows. (just saying)I admit that a couple of those gadgets are pretty cool, the graffiti one is by far my favorite. Which just raised a thought. With Graffiti you can paint and add colors to surfaces with you hand and fingers. What if i don’t know…Crayola (name dropping sorry) where to create one gadget. Like a life size coloring book using the Crayola Pantone scale. That would be cool in so many ways. Worried about ROI? Well if it’s designed right, you get so much exposure, interactivity and brand awareness that you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Oh and if you partnered with one of those printing/printer company tie in a promotional coupon for printing those work of art…you have a winner. Again Just a thought.

The next thing that got me excited was the Xbox live Tv. Live programming to your Xbox. It’s about time. This was the only reason i kept my old modded xbox. I didn’t have live TV, but i had a feed coming from some remote place in Europe giving me European programming. Commercial free sadly.

How is it going to work? not sure yet. I sincerely hope they’re not going to adopt the same model that HULU has. (what’s with the name dropping today) Watching a video on the internet has become a reflection of TV programming. Commercial breaks are more and more present. Viewers hate it, I don’t. Actually I do mind, but only when the commercials suck or are not relevant to me. Keyword: Relevant.I’m hoping that Microsoft will use it’s never ending customer database to figure a model that distribute commercials in a more “relevant” manner. That way, a single mother of three who enjoys Kinect sports, puzzle games and occasional movie streaming will not be bombarded by a UFC 280 commercial. Makes sense? Target specific. You have all the data for it so don’t disappoint. Instead this is what’s going to happen, big announcers are going to fight over the highest rated show, and will end up being the official sponsors of “mythbusters on Xbox” (yeah i think they’re going to reformat everything for the “Xbox channel”) therefore relevant or not…that announcer is going to pick up the tab and feed you crappy messages. Could be wrong…we’ll see.

Before i move on to Sony, let me say that i can’t wait for “Kinect Skype” or “Skype kinect”. Only then, will they impress me. (even that won’t be enough)

The following part of the article can be found here: Part 2  Part 3


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