Case Study “What does E3 2011 means to Advertising?” Part 2

Hello world,

this is part 2 in the series “what does E3 2001 means to Advertsing?” Hope you like the first part. On to part 2. Enjoy.

Sony PlaystationSony had the most practical lineup of all E3. By practical i mean stuff you could see, or have seen, but improved. Exciting. Before the keynote the one thing i really wanted to see was a new and improve PSP-Phone. Instead they gave me the PSVita.
I don’t know how i feel about the new console. It has everything that your favorite MP3 player has, the functionality of tablet but lacks the phone capability. Wait, maybe i spoke too fast.They did talk about a BBM or Viber like app or interface that allows you to talk to any player, anywhere, anytime no matter what game they’re playing. Cool. But fail. Fail because you actually have to be playing to talk. So if you’re in the middle of an intense syphon filter multiplayer experience and your girlfriend (whose playing Little big planet) calls you while you’re yelling at your teammate…how do you transition? Would have been cooler if it was just a simple interface where you could send a note or ring a friend to have chat. Now i haven’t tested it in person but that’s just how i feel. Now from a marketing standpoint…not much you can do here. Location based coupons (overlay ads work better here) location based and time restricted deals (have to keep the gaming momentum lol) I see big names like Groupon and Living Social making the most of this app. So if you’re a startup in that line, please indulge.The cool thing about the PSVita is the touchscreen backed up with the touchpad in the back. Pretty sweet. So overlay ads could pop up at the bottom of the screen, touch the screen to look, touchpad in the back to switch between ads while the game is loading. Sounds good? I think so.

The other cool stuff introduced by Sony was a 3D Tv with the matching 3D glasses to go with it. Where’s the innovation? well the glasses allow each player to see their gameplay fullscreen rather than a split screen.

I didn’t see a demo, but i take their words for it. The cool thing about this is that we can get out message to be target specific. If Dude A comes to Dude B for some good ol’ FIFA, we can send dynamic ads based on each players profile(if glasses are player/profile specific, info would pop up to the server at login). Then again it might take more processing speed and slow down gameplay…but hey it’s just a thought.Another interesting thing introduced worth mentioning is the idea of playing everywhere anytime on any format. I like that. They showed a demo (that didn’t work) of how a player can move from the portable PS Vita to his PS3 seamlessly and pick up where he left off. Detail oriented people like me noticed that he started the whole demo over again when he switched platform instead of starting at his last saved checkpoint. But hey, the idea is there. Keep working at it.Unfortunately i don’t see how that can work from a marketing standpoint. You can’t pause halway through a message hoping that the message will remain consistent. If somebody figures that one out let me know.

They also mentioned something like partnering with a top Movie channel to provide great movies free of charges. You know what that means right? ADVERTISING ALL OVER IT! Again you have to do it right in order to not frustrate the viewers. I would do rollover ads. That way it doesn’t take aways from the experience. Or I would do one long commercial break in the middle. Ideally you could just ask them at the beginning of the program how they want to “manage” the advertising content wrapped around the movie (people always need to go to the Bathroom, or get more popcorn, help them out)

On another note, this is where Nintendo has the most leverage. Their new console is my opinion a modern digital marketer Pandora’s box. Next stop Nintendo.

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