Case Study “What does E3 2011 means to Advertising?” Part 3

Hello World,

This is the third and final part of our 3 part series case study on “What does E3 2001 means to Advertising?.” Hope you like it. Enjoy.

OK i was wrong earlier. From a marketing and advertising perspective (solely) the clear winner is the new Nintendo console. Possibilities are somewhat endless with this guy. From the time i started writing this whole article, i didn’t stop having ideas, after ideas on how to use that new controller for advertising purposes. So i won’t even waste my time with the other innovations and stuff you can find that elsewhere 🙂

So a new shiny tablet looking, Mic-operating, camera-sporting (two glorious cameras), touch sentive controller with syncing capabilities and great battery life…THANK YOU! LOL
Well first off, this is more than a controller. It’s a mix between a media center remote and a tablet. Me Love it. Where do i start? Augmented reality? Ok

The controller has two cameras. Front and back. I see great opportunity for realtime augmented reality applications. Like you could download some of your favorite Mario or Zelda outfits or accessories and put those images over your friends and family and snap a picture that would go to your favorite social medium. Cool? Meh. How about (far fetched) an Ikea Avatar game allowing to digitally pimp you house (always wanted to use that sentence) in real time with price and location information…? Now we’re talking.

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology all the way. Which takes me back to the movie streaming experience. You could be watching a movie and dynamically receive the commercial on the controller instead of the TV. Cool? I think so. Why? doesn’t take away from the current viewing experience. Now, note that it’s a controller. (So?) Endelss advergaming possibilities. (yes Endless) instead of beaming ads, you can beam mini games based on your products. (Interactive+educational+brand awareness+community=Sucess) This little piece of hardware has the potential of taking transmedia storytelling to the new heights. Actually i don’t even think we’re ready for how high this puppy can take us.

QR code integration is also another alternative. You could wrap dowlable gaming content with you brand (sponsored by X) and plant a QR code at the bottom of the screen. This can then be scanned with the controller’s camera and feed the content directly to the controller (call to action included). There’s so much to do with this guy i’m kinda of scared to keep going. So i’ll stop there and keep the rest for the Freelance opportunity that might come up my way after this (wink wink)

On to the lifestyle stuff. The keynote said that one could use the screen on the controller to replace the monitor and the console itself. Did I tell you there’s a mic incorporated in there somewhere? I did, didn’t I. Yeah Take that Face time. Forget Skype gimme a Wii U controller and Video web calling.

I love the idea of using this as tablet. But a tablet with basic stuff. Things like an alarm clock to remind me of Wii Fit session in the morning.

A weather app, a news app or better yet a RSS feedreader. I don’t think an email client would be a good idea for security reason but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe instead, a gamer to gamer messenger dashboard would be ok.So to the question “What does E3 2011 means to/for Advertising? Endless possibilities. I hope that for the rest of 2011 and the very promising 2012, our industry won’t be scared to Jump in  Canon ball style.

I think that’s all i have. I want you to note that i refused to read any other article dealing or offering information on the coverage of E3 because i didn’t want my opinion to be corrupted by other ideas. So don’t be surprise if the whole article gets a couple of updates over the next few days. With that said i hope you enjoyed reading this 3 part article. Now I can’t wait to read what people are saying.

The Previous part of the article can be found here: Part 1  Part 2

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