Ntaboo[Stills] presents: “Head Over Heels”

Hello World,

I promised you a journal entry on a shoot I recently did “Head Over Heels”. This is the second part of a previous journal entry,  “Rainbow soirée”.

This shoot was an homage to a past addiction that i surmounted thanks to friends and family. That’s right, I’m a recovering shoe addict. I used to have 263 pair of shoes. I donated 252 pairs to two of the leading donation centers and kept the 11 that I wore on the regular basis. (Actually I only wear 3 pairs on a regular basis.) It was so bad that at one point I was buying one or 2 pairs a week. The sad thing, I didn’t even wear them (like I said, I wore 11 pairs on a regular basis). I was head over heels…

Addiction is no Joke, if you there’s something that you’re obsessively doing, to the point that it has a negative influence on you work/social/family life seek treatment immediately.


We did this shoot the same night as  “Rainbow soirée”. We starting shooting for H.O.H around 11pm. The ladies had to change outfits and make up. While they did that i had to review my strategy for the lighting. It wasn’t easy since half of my gear was busted. I managed to set up one of the busted light in the back to give accent to the walls. My champion light was then set on the front right side of the models. Here’s set up 1

set up 1

There was a lot of trial and error in order to get the accents right.

There was a lot of troubleshooting involved with the second set. Set up 2 (which was the final set up i think)

Set Up 2

This is the final set up we went with (not sure)

After the set up was done. We started firing away. Here are some selected shots. I don’t want to say my favorites (but they are) so enjoy.

Docri Taking off. Take off.
H.O.H – 3

it's all in the eyes.

H.O.H – 4

The Hunt.

H.O.H – 5


H.O.H – 2


H.O.H – 7

Essentially, my single most favorite shot.

Now that you’ve seen what the girls were wearing that night, do you see any correlation with prostitution? Well the cops did.

As we were leaving the scene around 1:30am we were stopped by a police car. Actually he blocked the girls car with his car, and started asking questions. I wanted to know what the deal was so i tried to get closer. “Sir I’mma need you to step back and wait for me over there!”

Wow! slow down partner I just want to know why you’re harassing my friends. Next thing i know, dude called for back up. Back Up! Really? A second police car show up, parks behind my car (in case i try to make a run for it). Then a third car gets in the mix. At this point I’m like ooh snap. They’re thinking one of two things: either I’m a Pimp trying to get his money, or two i’m a john.

At this point I couldn’t stop laughing (in the inside) but I was worried for the girls. So when he got done asking them questions, he came towards me and asked: ” what are you doing out here?” I told him about the shoot. Then he tried to get funny: ” A shoot huh? What kind of pictures are you taking this late buddy?” (with a smile) OK it’s one thing to insult us, but you trying to get some raspy jokes in the mix is boderline ridiculous and lame. Told him what the idea was, he checked out my equipment, took my tag number, Id Number, cross checked everything with central. Everything was fine. Then I heard the lady at central repeat a code number and say: “Ok I have a tap on it. Over.” Really? I guess there’s no fighting it now. I’m a Pimp. (lol)

The Cherry on top: “Why would they dress like that? That’s crazy” he added. Dude! It’s photography man, It’s a set. It’s like acting except the images are not moving. Think for a minute. whatever.

It was a fun night. The moral of the story? My pimping is way to strong. LOL Nah. The moral is simple: Photography is exciting.

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One response to “Ntaboo[Stills] presents: “Head Over Heels”

  1. I really like all the color you captured… The girls look amazing. I think the scene (where every this is) gave the shoot more of an edge to it. I love the pictures!!! LOL, those cops were really tripping by the way.

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