Tesco + Cheil Worldwide = Award Winning Virtual Store

Hello World,

I’m not in Cannes right now, but i’m closely following what’s happening at the festival. No i’m not talking about the movie festival, but the 58th edition of the festival of Creativity. For a week every year, la creme de la creme of advertising is meeting in the South of France. Networking and fighting for bragging rights for ownership of the coveted Cannes Lions. I saw a lot of well crafted campaigns, but Tesco and Cheil Worldwide caught my eye, and my attention giving me that “ooh-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that” feeling.

Cheil Worldwide created a subway store for their client. A virtual subway store using QR codes. Consumers can turn their “waiting experience, into a shopping experience”. BRILLIANT!

Mind blowing? Probably. Inspiring? Most definetely. This campaign is really connecting with me because i’m working on a QR code campaign magic myself. Great work, great work, great work.

Needless to say, Cheil Worldwide won Grand Prix Media, and Gold Lions for the Direct and Outdoor category.

Here’s the project fact sheet for a closer look.

tesco Subway virtual store


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