Summer’s Eve + Cat on mission

Hello world,

I just came across this video and i have to say it’s pretty Awesome. (note: It’s safe for work, as long as nobody is going to be offended by the word Vagina. Wear headphones to play it safe.)

Let me rephrase that, it’s pretty vaginal! I don’t know what it is about this cat’s personality but he makes me feel like he could help me overcome my allergy to cat hair…yeah? No!  This here video has been out for 2 weeks now, racking more than 290,000 views on Youtube.

Will it go places? very slowly. Well the mission statement is simple get people to say the word “vagina” or “vaginal”. For a brand that makes money around it, it’s pretty easy to say. But the general population has issues saying the word. I don’t think the average person in America teaches that word to their daughters until they go find out about it in school. Which by the way is pretty sad. You need to take control of your kids education and face those taboos to help them make a better opinion about it and about life in general.

It’s a good initiative but i don’t think it will bring brand awareness to Summer’s Eve. I had to dig around to actually find out they are the one behind it. Maybe it’s a self defense strategy? Could be. In the mean time, I think they succeeded in getting people’s attention for a couple or minutes. I don’t know how many entries they got on the website. But i’m sure the word will spread pretty quickly. (almost made a bad joke, still, that sentence reads oddly)

I liked it. Daring, bold, and funny. Maybe it’s because i fall in their target audience. I don’t think women talk much about this topic, but I know men do. What does this mean? They trying to enlist men to buy products for their women?Hum… i don’t know if you know, but this is worse than one of those “does this dress makes me look fat” moment…I think i’ll end here before i say something stupid. (too late?)

What do you think? Good or bad viral.


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