Tommy the “Truth” Thompson puts Direct Tv in trouble?

<UPDATE: You can find the video on Adfreak and AdAge >

Ok Direct Tv is at it again. New commercial, new character. Meet Tommy the truth Thompson. (Grey New York signed this commercial)

Well as of press time, this commercial is about to be retired from the air. People are complaining…it’s racist so they say. I’m black and i found it funny. Especially the end. (Half Truth!). LOOOL Can i have more of these? But on a serious note: How is this one different from the Russian one “Epic Win”? Another case of “only-funny-when-it-happens-to-others”? … Maybe it’s the elder gentlemen getting punch? Am I the only one who can discern reality from fiction? (hope not)

Everything i read so far talks about an elderly being abused. If this was real somebody would have been sued in an heart beat ( Besides,why doesn’t he quit his job?) If we’re going on the base of abuse, half the movies and tv shows currently on the market should be canceled and removed from the air permanently. Wait those are different from this particular commercial? oh that’s right they’re fictional. Well, this commercial is too.

On another note, People talk about stereotypes…Well i’m sorry but boxers haven’t been showing a different side in their real life. (refer HBO specials, oh maybe they’re not real) Since we’re talking about abuse, I’m waiting on PETA to jump in the bandwagon. Oh you didn’t notice the two Kangaroos fighting at the beginning of the commercial? Maybe he should go to jail for illegal Kangaroo fighting while we’re at it. (His girlfriend has a fur coat too)

The one thing that really frustrates me is that people are too sensible about everything. The russian series were funny too, I’m sure they were not funny to everyone but they didn’t get this much animosity. We can’t all agree on everything, but i have to say that people tend to have double standards. Who knows, this incident may force the FCC to create a rating system for commercials(to be displayed at the beginning of each ads).

From a marketing point of view, Direct Tv is still the clear winner here. I just spend a couple of minutes writing about this, and people are obviously talking and searching for this commercial. Generating buzz for the brand and most importantly top of mind awareness. In a bad light? Probably so. Curious to know what their next PR move is going to be. But more importantly what is the next batch of ads going to bring…Grey, you’ve got our attention now, what are you going to do with it?

PS: It’s still showing on Tv (depending on your market), not on the internet.



8 responses to “Tommy the “Truth” Thompson puts Direct Tv in trouble?

  1. Thank you for that post. I was wondering if something was wrong with me?!? I love this commercial…and I’m Black and not of the Hip-Hop generation. I’m offended when people disrespect President Obama based on race. But this commercial, for my tastes, is just downright funny, as was the one with the rich Russian. I think we can all afford to lighten up a bit. Hey perhaps I’m just different. I similarly loved Dave Chappelle’s show. Remember the skit he did on reparations? Good comedy is often based on painful to admit realities. And no I am neither an employee of Direct TV or one of it’s customers.

  2. Both my wife and I have written to Direct TV with regards to this commercial. This is very offensive!

    Imagine this! A group of white males standing around, talking about how great they are and how much money they have. In walks an African American butler. One white guy turns and punches him. The ACLU, NAACP, and every African American reverend would be on the news saying how racist and wrong this commercial is and this is what’s wrong with America, demanding that Direct TV pull it from their ads at once.

    But this is America and racism is only one sided…

  3. Get a life people. We know that was sposed to be “Money” Mayweather. Compared to his buffoonery the ad was pretty tame. I am as black as they come and I love family guy, even though the many black jokes make me wonder why. If I can laugh at others I have to be able to laugh at myself,

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    • You know… unless they are out of control offensive, you could consider letting us see the hate mail… Crazy comments to a great post are like the ’33’ is to the ‘poisson braisé’… just saying, so necessary… 😛

  5. God I love these commercials … speaking of the elderly and contact sports, when the Betty White -Abe Vigoda Snickers commercial aired, it was voted top 4 of the freaking century… talk about double standard. I say keep them coming!

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