Still Alive.

Hello world,

it has been a mighty long time since I came in these neck of the woods. What happened? Life. I got sidetracked by my thesis. Something about the impact of new technology on the workplace…or understand virtual group dynamics depending on how sober you are when you read it.

I have to say that it’s a shame that i didn’t take the time to write up a little something just to keep the conversation going. So here’s a run down of what happened in the last month or so:

1-I almost died, twice. Went to the ER but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. That’s even scarier. But i’m ok now (i think i am). Thanks to my unlimited supply of Creme Caremel. (sugar!!!)

2-I realized that my thesis was due mid november. And i was like ooh snap!

Shit just got real.

So I went into this weird mode where I only used my very scattered brain to accomplish one thing and thing only: Organize a fashion show.

3-I’m putting together a fashion show of epic proportions. (is it now?) We  got speakers from Hong Kong and Paris signed up for the gig. I mean…for a week Norman Oklahoma might just be the place to be. (well it always is anyway)

4-I realized that I haven’t produced a photoshoot in six (6) months!! I mean, who does that? So i got new equipment for my birthday and I i’m super dupa stoke about getting back out there and making things happen.

5-I turned one year younger. Yes! October babies are the best.

So there you have it. Life as it happened last month. I’m two weeks away from my deadline, and i’m not even close to where i need to be. On the bright side, my project, its results and the data that goes with it is all done, nice, compiled and interpreted. The downside is my literature review taking for ever.




Image source: Still Alive.


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