Stressed? We got an Ad for that.

Hello world,

it’s been a while. I missed you and your comments. I want to thank you for remaining faithful to this broadcast channel event when there was no fresh content. Hopefully that will change soon enough.

If you didn’t know i just finish my comprehensive exam. Who new grad school would come to an end? I did! lol Well I have been waiting. Anxiously waiting. Desperately waiting to hear back from my committee. I’m confident with my performance but at the same time, the longer it drags i can’t help but getting stressed. The past two weeks been stress-free and stressful.

Stress-free because i completed the whole process. And turned in my research at the end of the exam. I was then able to indulge in some Arkham City. (fun times) But then, before i was able to say brussel sprouts, the stress was back. The wait is a killer.

You start thinking about the things you might have forget. That one question you were not sure about. Was that paper AP style? What about my sources? Did i clear all the paperwork before the testing phase? Are the participants going to come back with a lawsuit?(dude, it’s not that serious) (hey! you never know i’m just saying…) (just relax..)

Relaxing…easy to visualize but not easy to do when you have twenty million things waiting to run through your mind after the million things currently clouding your judgement.

Some people go on vacation, watch movies, or hit the gym. Me? I went back to work and tried to multiply participation into projects. Why? It keeps my mind busy. See i’m the type of person that gets bored, from being bored, after being inactive…mentally. So work is good. Keeps my mind thinking, about other stuff. Creatively solving problems has been a great stress reliever for me. I’m not going lie, playing Arkham city helped too.

The geek in me had to look into advertising that deals with depression, stress and anxiety. I realized that there isn’t much on the topic. But i was able to find a campaign that truly describe what being stressed is about. Clutter.

Stress is in my opinion a mental manifestation of the clutter around you. Cleaning your room has surprising therapeutic effects…Now try cleaning the bathroom it works wonders. Round it up with a bike ride and everything, should seem clearer.


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