The #KobeSystem

Hello world,

This time of the year is full of new resolution and motivation to make things happen. The problem sometime is the fact that we aim high, maybe too high and then we get stuck, then we quit. My advice to you (for future references) would be to start your resolution in December. Why? the answer is simple. If you get started early, then you have the time to get used to the new routine. That way, when the new year hit, you’re already in business. But what happens if you’re already successful. What happens if you’re not looking for motivation to keep you through the new resolution, but looking for motivation to capitalize on your amazing success from the previous year? Fear no more my friend. The Kobe system is here.

In the area of motivational speaking I don’t think many of us expected Kobe Bryant to be a leading voice (more on that later). But I think this is working well for Nike. This is a play on what it takes to surpass yourself and aim higher than what you think high is. The celebrity appearances in this campaign really help consolidate that message. Of course, the first time or even the third time around most won’t get it. Some will even be shouting secret organization propaganda…needless to say W+K works have always been off the wall and require your intellect to work. (sometimes their work doesn’t require braincells too)

I think this campaign is fun. But at the same time, in the light of recent trouble in Kobe’s life i can’t help but have Drake’s lyrics in my head: “B*tch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym!”. And pounder… what were you thinking man? lolz (<—wow, lolz with a z? bravo) Thus the not so smart motivational speaker speaking about securing the success…anyway, that’s another discussion.

I like it, the idea, the execution and the promotional work around it. 8.5/10

Good Job.

Ps: Higher than success…aim higher than success.


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