Blogging better in 6 steps.

Hello world,

We’re still in January but i’m trying to knock all the items on my list. It’s a long list so i don’t know how fast we’re going to get to the bottom. One of the item on the list to blog better. Not blog more, but blog better. Which raises the question: What is good blogging? Let’s look at the possible answers.

[Note that this can be applied both to businesses and private bloggers]

Step one. Finding your voice.

I have been maintaining this blog for 4 years now. Wow i can’t even believe it myself. Now, did i see some progress over the years? Of course i did. I started this blog back in December 2007. I was in Japan at the time. I think the motivation behind it was to document my travel/work experience as well as the different ways in which the advertising, design, and new media industry was behaving from one country to another.

It was born from a Compulsive obsession with trying to understand why people act one way here, and that it would be totally out of line in another place. Oh, I believe it’s called Culture. So a look at cultural understanding through media arts? right? I think so. Did it stick? I think so too.

Step two. Tag accordingly/with relevance.

Between 2007 and 2009, this blog didn’t see much traffic. I can honestly say that i had a 1000 views a year. Not too shabby right? I mean it’s not my full time job. I mainly blogged about the things i thought were cool. But i always wondered how people landed here. I didn’t really make my posts visible, or at least i didn’t think i did. I am somewhat ashamed of saying that i didn’t use my “Adwords” knowledge to publicize this blog. I mean my first job ever (back in 06) had me compiling and buying words for brands to increase their visibility. Keywords, or in this context Tags a very important.

Step three. Frequence.

This is where i have been a bad boy. Blogging is the radio if this generation. It is very, very important to find, establish and maintain a frequence of publication. I mean it’s critical. (But there’s a way around that.) Content is what brings and retains your audience attention. If you’re not consistent you lose readership or credibility. If you’re posting mondays and thursdays, stick to it! No matter what.

Step four. “About”

The “About” section is more than introduction it’s also you user manual, providing guidelines and restriction on the behavior to follow while on your premises. Now i mentioned earlier that there’s a way around blogging on a set frequence. If you provide content that’s not time sensitive, or just posting pictures and videos when something catches your attention that’s fine. Just mention it in your about page. It will help people understand the dynamics of your site.

Step five. Catering and Analytics.

Over the past 3 years or so. The traffic has considerably increased. We’re looking at 150-200 views a day. (With or without fresh content) Timely content (read controversial) content brings more. I think the busiest I ever got dealt with racism in a commercial. (3000 views, and 75 hate emails, fun times!) The key element here is momentum and keeping it. Once you have a steady traffic you’re somewhat obligated to entertain your audience with cool stuff. If you can’t produce fresh content, get inspired by looking at your most viewed posts. Write more on similar topic.

Step six. Social Plugin.

Arguably the most timely topic. Social media is integral part of our life now. Wait, blogging is social media. What i meant to say is you need to publicize and  involve your audience in the blogging process. Build a community. Give the opportunity to the like-minded to find each other and complement each other. Help people discover new things, and share how it impacted their new found perspective. with that said don’t forger to like my Facebook page

So if i had to write a formula for better blogging, it would look like this:

Awesome blog = (write+post+share) (engage+Help) 

Inspiration for this post came from a conversation with people interested in getting started with blogging. I figure there are more people looking for help on the topic out there. Hope this helps.


PS: it’s also cool to apologize in advance for typos, and ask to be notified so you can make changes. So please do notify 🙂


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