Old Spice / blown mind

Hello world,

So i meant to talk about this ad for a while but i didn’t get the chance to. Then i mentioned it to someone and the person was like i didn’t see it on your blog. (good to know i’m becoming a reference.)

Where do i start? Well first i like the length. 15 seconds is more than enough with this ADD generation. (take notes people) Whether you’re doing TV or web, this is probably the new format. (originated in Japanese labs a few years back) you might have seen a post I did on my favorite Japanese campaign  (<– click to watch the commercial) Watch the old spice Ad again. (scroll up)

Back to the commercial, it’s funny, in a dorky japanese way. Which raises other questions. Which W+K office did this? I mean all the Ads with Terry Crews have that Japanese off the wall narrative. scroll down.

I like it. So whodunit? I’m drinking tea.

The end.

*Note: Word on the street is that it’s Tim & Eric (yes from the TV show) who directed this.


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