Nike Jordan: Quick Controls Chaos

Hello world,

Just wanted to share a cool little website with you today. A new execution from W+K New York for the launch of the new CP3.V  . The campaign plays around the quickness of CP3 (recreated by the shoe for you) and the chaos that it creates and contains at the same time (oxymoron?). Things happen so fast that a split second of inattention can engender…you guessed it Chaos. Here’s the teaser for the campaign:

The real feat of this campaign lies in the deep levels of interaction with the footage. First you have total control over it:speed, zoom, angles. It’s very refreshing. Watching the video on the website will trigger cue points prompting hidden story lines. Here’s a screenshot of my favorite side story. A couple rekindling/falling in “love” while a cook on fire walks past. Like i said it’s very entertaining. (I spent like an hour on there for no reason lool)

The whole experience is also a game. Unlocking each side story/perspective will help you piece the story together. They were thoughtful enough to add a dashboard to help you keep track of your progress.

I don’t know if i said it already but I really like this project. It’s engaging, entertaining and somewhat addictive. It’s also a conversation piece. I’m sure people are talking about it as we speak. (Top of mind awareness achieved) To a certain extent it reminds me of Philips Caroussel. Both pieces have longevity and relevance. This just might be the referral piece for a lot web projects this year.

Good job.

Now go play



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