Youtube: One Hour per second

Hello world,

The most blatant display of my geek-ness is my love for data. Any type of data: Useful, useless, fun, facts, fun-facts, or plain weird bits. I love data! Research too but a bit less. Today i want to share with you a campaign that uses all sorts of data to showcase the uniqueness of a product. “One Hour per second”

I love this campaign. It uses all the bits of information that you can find browsing the product (Youtube) and at the same time creates an animated infographic. Really nice execution from Google creative labs.

If you go to the website they created, you can find more fun facts and…some random information. At the same time, isn’t that what Youtube is all about? Finding things you need, or care to know about. And at the same time leisure off looking at “funny videos”.


I laud them for creating a campaign that genuinely captures the essence of Youtube.

Good job.

Visit the site here



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