Georgia’s Child obesity campaigns

Hello world,

Today I want to touch on obesity. Childhood obesity is a major crisis in America, wait the world! So Georgia decided to do something about it.

Nearly 40% of Georgia’s children are overweight or obese — the second-highest rate in the nation — yet 50% of Georgians don’t consider child obesity a problem. What’s more, 75% of parents of obese children don’t think they have a problem on their hands, according to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the state’s largest pediatric health care system. —CNN

So let’s take a look at what they did to raise awareness:

“Video Games”

“Taking the fun out of being a kid”

I personally didn’t like the execution. I think it felt short. It did hit the nail, but i feel like the nail didn’t go through. Sure parents are in denial, but instead of focusing solely on the kids, I would put the parents under the spotlight too.

They tried to improve it but I feel it’s still short:

“Junk Food”

So did they go too far? I don’t think so, I just think the focus is misplaced. I would put the parent on blast more. Have the parents star in the commercial. Show them overweight and much like second hand smoking, show how their bad eating habits affects their kids. That’s how I would approach that assignment. Unfortunately that might start a riot or a wave of hate mail.



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