Volkswagen Amarok + Facebook = Facebook FlipBook

Hello world,

I just came across this nice little piece from McCann Istanbul for Volkswagen. It’s really nice. I think i love it. Check it out

I love:

The simplicity of the execution. It’s so nicely put together than you can help but be amazed and sad at the same time (sad because you didn’t think of it).


I hate:

The continuous loop. It would have been nice to stop at one point of make the car go out of the frame and add a tagline at the end. That way the message is coherent; if it goes everywhere why be stuck in a loop? Keep us guessing with where it might go next.

It works because:

It’s well put together. The use of the technology is on point. But most of all, it  has a wow-factor. At least the first time. And i think it has shelf life and the potential to stay alive online through traffic. Case in point: I’m sharing this now, somebody will be wowed, share in return and now we’re stuck in a loop. Good job.

Now we just wait and see if the sales or at least the test drive went up.



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