Save the Children “Break the cycle”

Hello world,

Continuing with the flux on creative inspiration here’s the best print campaign of the year thus far (in my opinion of course).

I like

The idea. The idea is sublime. Using the data to visualize the information and bring the vicious cycle to life is simply amazing.

Why it works

It sticks. This Ad has shelf life. The copy is clear and engaging. The A.D. did a terrific job with the composition.


*Update: This print advertisement was awarded as a Golden Lion at the Cannes Festival this year. I have to say they really deserved to win, i really believe it’s the best print Ad this year thus far. Also they managed to bring to life a major social problem. I invite  you to look for the signs of abuse  in your social circles. People don’t always come forward with their  issues especially children, but if you learn to listen and see the signs you might save a life.*

Break the cycle!

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8 responses to “Save the Children “Break the cycle”

  1. This can be true, but it’s very difficult to break this cycle as it is ingrained into a child’s growing brain and thought patterns; and is there for life. But it can be be a behaviour that changes with a lot of love from others, a lot of support from friends and family, and a lot of self discipline, forgiveness and self encouragement. Unless you have been here, really.. do not judge. It is a very tough life to escape from and is not easy to break free. So before you judge… reach out in love, kindness and support, because obviously it is what the person needs and was not given in his/her younger years. You really cannot expect people to be grown ups with healthy boundaries if they have never been shown them. So do not add to the problem – as most do by shunning, but help out. Don’t be the person that their parents already were to them, but instead help them see their true worth and value, so they can love their kids well. CW

  2. In terms of creative direction it’s excellent, in terms of social marketing, maybe not so much. Sure it raises awareness, but will it change behaviours? Who is the target audience here? The abusers or the abused? Would this speak to them? Give them incentives/disincentives to stop the cycle?

    • I agree with you on that one. I think the execution of this Ad is really what caught my eye. But the debate is still on as far as achieving what it’s suppose to do.

  3. une idee de genie… L’une des rares qui me touche profondement, et qui ne necessite pas un diplome en advert pour comprendre.

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