We are here!

Waking up in the Brussel Airlines Lounge.

Hello world,

we are here, stateside, alive and well. Sidetracked by real life and its demands but all is well. Currently I’ve been focusing on some freelance efforts, mentoring and teaching. Takes time and energy but it’s all worth it. A lot has happened in the past month. New awards came in (3 of them), thanks to the fabulous team at @ouwebcomm. Articles were written about my work. Looking at you @Adage. But the real show stealer are the talented students from ASMAC i had the opportunity to teach and mentor in Yaoundé Cameroon. Keep working hard guys.

In Class

Intro to planning. With Dr. Mbia behind me making sure i don’t goof off with the students…i tend to do that.

Turning the page…

June is around the corner, and boy we have some fun stuff coming ahead. The Facebook page is up and running so make sure you like it by clicking here. There’s a lot happening there so you don’t want to miss on the discussion. In the mean time we’re gearing up for June.

It’s going to be intense, and full of brand new original content.

Stay tuned.



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