Sarah Silverman Makes an Indecent proposal

Hello world,

It’s election year on this side of the globe and each parties are doing their best to convince you to vote. I’m not big on politics but  I think I understand marketing and advertising…Most days.

This above video is quite…distracting (staying polite like when you see a not so cute baby and you say he/she looks “sooo smart”). Yes she’s trying to raise awareness about the whole 99% ratio discussion. But What does this video achieve really? Oh yeah sure you’re prompted to go to for more info and sign the petition to “tell Mitt Romney to reject Sheldon Adelson’s support.” Ok then what? What’s the added value? Were they hoping for a Viral success? well didn’t happen. Then again 500000 views only shows you how many men, and women are interested in seing her naked…no, half naked, no not even.

So again, what have we learned here? nothing besides who Sheldon is, and that he’s loaded. I’m guessing he worked hard to get where he is. Now why am i blogging this? Simply because i’m pissed  i watched this video. It was Recommended by a (hyped up) friend through email with the label “great marketing” (maybe i should publish the email too). No friend, it is not. By the way, can I report this video for animal cruelty?





2 responses to “Sarah Silverman Makes an Indecent proposal

  1. About the article or about the video? I’m guessing you meant the video. Great marketing it is not. What’s the point? who is she aiming at? what’s the end goal? So confused because it made no sense. I’m not really offended about the “offer”, I’m offended she called this comedy and was hoping for a laugh. Funny? nope. Final note: i pity that dog

  2. “I Pity that dog” Right! we need to do something for the dog! But on a serious note, I don’t like her humor and I don’t like this video. I feel like it was a wasted opportunity. If opportunity il y a eu. Lame.

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