Durex’s In-flight safety demonstration

Hello world,

We’ve all been on a plane, and i’m sure after a dozen times you don’t pay attention to the safety information before takeoff. The flight attendants know it, you know it, we all know it gets boring. Except for those flying Delta, because that Delta lady on the video…yeah. Maybe that’s where the inspiration for this Durex campaign comes from. The whole mile high club and people trying to join it. I will command them on the execution. It’s…captivating. Made in Poland. (yeah the video is in Polish, but the message is pretty universal)

Now. A lot of things about this campaign need to be clarified. First, it’s staged. There’s too many cameras, too many angles, to many “shocked” reaction to be real.

Second, it’s innovative in a way. In a world where you can only say so much about condoms, they went ahead and perfected the dialogue. It used to be people where ashamed to buy condoms in public, to people arguing about flavors and shapes. The dialogue moved from you should be protected to this is how to “better experience” your protection. You can’t reinvent the wheel, you can only reduce friction. (no pun intended)

On another note, i can’t help but think that it’s recycled work. If you remember back in 2006, Lynx did something similar. Their execution was better in the sense that it was obvious it was fake, but it was more in the sense of humor that’s oh so popular now with all the Old Spice work.

Take a look

Either way, the message is clear: Enjoy your protection.

Like my friend Sitta would say, “Be wise, Condomize”

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4 responses to “Durex’s In-flight safety demonstration

  1. Like that “be wise condomize” lol Interessant, comme toujours 🙂
    Ps: is weird but Didwedo and You blogged about the same topic. do u know each other?

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