W+K Brings produces Catnapped for Cravendale

Last week I wrote an article about the future of advertising: Awesome Cat videos where i was predicting an increase in Catvertising and it’s impact on quality content. Seems i was spot on, as those “lol cat videos-commercial keep popping up.

Wieden + Kennedy London just released a spot for Cravendale. Hilarious spot I have to say. But how many cat videos until we reach our quota for the catvertising phase?

Watch the video and tells us what you think.

I think that turtles are next.

Director: Traktor
Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
Agency Producer: Gemma Knight
Creative Directors: Sam Heath, Chris Groom
Creative Team: Hollie Walker, Freddie Powell
Production Company: Partizan/Traktor
Executive Producer: Richard Ulfvengren
Production Company Producer: Grace Bodie
DoP: Daniel Landon
Editor: Ed Line @ Final Cut


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