One step forward to go two steps back.

I have this love hate relationship with Axe and just when I thought Axe was doing something  interesting, they just slapped my excitement in the face and released these ads:

If you recall, they introduced something different towards the end of the summer with the Susan Glenn ad. (which reminds me i didn’t blog about that crap! anyway) here it is:

now that is an AD! I mean this is the direction i’ve been wanting Axe to follow for so long, yet they just dabbled with the idea without exploring all the endless possibilities. In case you forgot, Axe is bringing/enhancing confidence in the users, not a panty dropper. The Susan Glenn story/approach is genuine, cogent and relatable. Most of the demographic can relate because of their past or current situation. Self esteem is untapped in this demographic.  I mean why do you think you competition has a product dubbed “Swagger” . I don’t understand the logic behind this 180˚ turn. May I see the brief? I course we know i can’t. (was worth the try) That was a bad move Axe, bad move.

*sigh* I’m kind of disappointed. Makes me want to say…”Grow up Axe” you’re not 15 anymore (only teenagers believe in that magical “effect”). At least act like you’re in college or something.



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