CinePrint™ : The way to Bring a Magazine to life.

Is this a new direction for augmented reality? We wonder. (secretly hopes not)
We really like the technique and the animations. But when it gets down to it…What is the purpose of this Ad? Are we enhancing the experience for iPad users and if so what’s the point since they could see the animation from the iPad.
If the experience was for people reading offline…then it’s pointless.
Yes there’s a cool factor, but this is not adding value to the Lexus or giving me a reason to buy it over another car.
Thumbs up for the technology, but thumbs down for the advertising message.


2 responses to “CinePrint™ : The way to Bring a Magazine to life.

  1. Je me pose les memes questions, tiens! En plus, es feux d’artifices et jeux de lumiere en background ont detourne’ mon attention de la voiture…

    • Effectivement, on se demande vraiment qu’elle etait le but? Montrer les capacités du papier et de l’application ou vendre la voiture. Et pourquoi ne pas simplement regarder la pub sur l’iPad?

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