Twitter is spring cleaning into a new look

Hello dotters,

Have you heard? Twitter is about to release their new design interface. Yes, after months of whispers, it is officially a reality and we have the picture to prove it.

New Twitter look


This new design is a like a combination of G+ and Facebook. It has a large 1500×1500 header (that’s a guestimate here, we she should wait for the official release) and a very fluid stream of tweets.

One cool think that I noted was the “The Pinned Tweet”. It always you to pin a tweet a the top of your profile. I think that can really come in handy to let followers know a bit more about yourself, or if you’re promoting a sale I’m guessing you will be able to define the length of the pin to match it…just a few ideas to think about.

I am very excited about this, I think it will really help Twitter become more accessible to people who don’t really know how to use it. Let’s face it, the previous interface was not really user friendly, especially for new users. Power users might not like it, but then again, power users are probably using third party apps like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, so it won’t matter.

If you want to see a few of pages that are already updated, visit Michelle Obama aka FLOTUS, Channing Tatum and Kerry Washington‘s twitter pages.

Twitter profile pages are about to become very, very interesting.


2 responses to “Twitter is spring cleaning into a new look

  1. Seriously, I love the article and I think I will become a great fan of the blog. Thanks for sharing this great piece of informartion. The “Pinned Tweet” is definetely a feature that I am going to use to showcase & promote more my blog via my tweeter account. Excited and looking forward to the change!

    • I am glad you found some value on the blog and the information we are sharing. We are just trying to empower our readers. Thank you for reading, share with your friends. BTW, We’re also on twitter @team_dots 🙂

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