Diesel+Anomaly= Be Stupid campaign

I have to say that i am really impressed by this new campaign. I find it to be brilliant. The copy and the art direction are on point. 2010 seems to be starting of right with the creative juices.

Be stupid campaign

The story behind the campaign is something that we can all relate to, at least to a certain extent. It might be a situation or state of mind that you’re currently going through. Or it might bring back memories of college years, maybe even high school. Bref, Live to the fullest, don’t be scared to make mistakes because at the end of the day, that’s the only way you can truly strive and find out who you really are.

This campaign has a lot of executions but here are some of my favorites:

On the other hand, I am very disappointed with the Video execution of this idea. I understand why they made the choice they did. But at the end of the day it just make the whole thing cheap and lazy. You be the judge:

Wrangler did a similar attempt (campaign) with the don’t think campaign i think it was called, but at least they had some footage to with the words. I’m just saying…

At the end of the day i applaude Anomaly’s job. This campaign is brilliant and brings a message to the younger guys at heart who are in much need of a guidance: “Dare to take chances, in order to live to the fullest.”

Good job.

Let me know what you think about it. Comments, comments!


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4 responses to “Diesel+Anomaly= Be Stupid campaign

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