Twitter Video in 3 Steps

Greetings Dotters,

It’s official Twitter now has a native video service. Let’s just say it’s about time. I don’t know about you but we’ve been waiting a long time for this feature. I can honestly say that it’s a good thing that they took their time with it. They looked at Vine and Instagram, learned from their wins and losses and came out with their own formula: 30 seconds of glorious HD footage (if you have a HD Camera on your phone of course)

30 seconds! That’s like a full feature film in these day and age. I’m pretty excited. I wonder how friendly these are going to be with other social media services. Enough of the geeky stuff, here are 3 simple steps to get you started with video on twitter.


Twitter screenshot


The first step is to capture the footage you want. For that all you need to do is to press and hold record. Just like with other services, when you release to the button it stops recording. It allows you to shoot one or more clips. Remember to capture everything that’s important to the moment/story you’re trying to share.


Twitter Screenshot


Once you’ve captured the clips, you can then rearrange them in the window. The editing bay is the killer addition to this video feature. Having a video bay allows you to review your clips, change the order and see if you need more (or less) footage at once. Contrarily to Vine or Instagram where you have to record everything at once and what you have is what you publish. Nice touch Twitter.


The last step is sharing. With the right Hashtag, you can tap into the world’s attention to share your masterpiece. Friends, curious, likeminded people can see, retweet and favorite your story.

A native video solution in twitter is in my opinion what was missing to send the app over the top. I think it’s also important to mention that you can also Direct Message (DM) multiple people at once now. (Yes you can, go ahead try it). We’ll discuss that in another post.

I can’t wait to see your videos. Share them with me by mentioning me on twitter @ntabo0. Have fun and happy filmmaking.


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