Lady Gaga and the flying dress


You’ve probably heard by now that Lady Gaga had the launch party for her album ARTPOP last night. You also probably heard about the flying dress. If you haven’t fear not, we have a few pictures and a video for you.


The Volantis”, is a futuristic dress reminiscent of the James Bond Jet pack in from Russia with Love. The dress is powered by two electric motors and controlled by a technician. The dress doesn’t have full autonomy yet, but the engineers are working hard on the design.

Gaga is know for her flamboyant dresses, most notably the meat dress that she once wore for a ceremony. This time around, I believe she made another statement. In an environment where every female artist went nude after Miley Cyrus took over the media for the release of “Bangerz”, Gaga is showing that creativity and innovation trumps everything.


Lady Gaga and Atom Factory (the advertising/creative lab that represent her) have mastered the art of storytelling through innovation. I really believe that Creative Labs/Boutique are changing the way people interact with media, communication and technology. In the case of Atom Factory, everything they do is groundbreaking, and carefully kept under wraps until the release for a maximized impact.

This was just the album release party, I can’t want to see what Atom Factory does next.

Photo credit: The Verge,


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