Shoes are boring. Converse knows it.

Hello world,

Today i want to talk about the most exciting campaign i’ve seen since Diesel: Be stupid. This is 2013 and Converse comes hard with this new campaign. “Shoes are boring, Wear sneakers.


Started last year with these executions:



This is serious work son! The creative executions behind the ideas are all on point. Funny, witty, relatable and genuine. We’ve all had that feeling. From the lady who has sneakers in her bag – and put heels at work just to be sore at the end of the day, and find comfort in her sneakers on the way to home– to the kids wearing tuxedos with chucks at a weddings. Or under a dress at the red carpet


Rooted in creativity, mischief and rebellion this campaign first launched last summer, is back now with new creative executions. Much to my satisfaction.


(more in the updates)

We can all relate. Sneakers are the way to go!



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