Get Happy With Jamaica. Or how to steal the superbowl.

Hello Dotters,
The superbowl is over, but the frenzy over who had the most talked about commercial is still ongoing. This is the first in a serie of 3 tickets about the big game and which brands in my opinion stole the show.

Today we’re going to start with Volkswagen and Jamaica. if you haven’t seen the commercial “Get happy” here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I personally didn’t like this commercial. I like the Jamaican accent ju kno, but dem people runny around with their frown didn’t connect. I know what the intention was, i understand the emotional appeal, but i’m not convince the commercial delievered the right message. Fortunately for Jamaica, this was free advertising and a great opportunity.

Everyone i’ve talked to about this commercial said the same thing: “I loved the Jamaican accent, the commercial had good vibes”. So in fact the top of mind awareness here is Jamaica and the Caribbean for those who can’t pinpoint it. Jamaica didn’t waste time and launched a website, using the same tagline and hashtag but adding their brand: “Get Happy with Jamaica”

They launched their site during the weekend and boy let me tell you, it is the best opportunity a brand could hope for to extend its reach.
The conversation is not about the Beetle anymore, it’s about Jamaica, and with this tour the force – i mean this is the “Commercial-Jack” by reference now in my book – they used VW’s momentum to amplify and activate new users. This is simply Brilliant.

Kudos to the team behind, you deserve a lion or clio or something…yeah? too much?

Either way Great job. Or should i say “Respect boss man”



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