The World First Tastable Print Advertising.

Hello Dotters,

Today I want to share with you new work from Fanta. They succeeded in creating the world first tastable print advertising. I know advertising wet dreams has been smell-o-vision, but this is as close as we can get for now. This really good work.


Fanta has a new formula and they wanted people to try it without giving them a can. (cheap, lol, i’m teasing) So they pushed the reflection forward and came up with an innovative solution: Infused consumable & tastable paper.


This is really cool and innovative but I personally have some health concern with this. It’s eatable paper sure. It’s infused with the new Fanta formula, fine. But how do you deal with germs? I know i’m being paranoid but I have to ask. How do you make sure that this page is safe to eat as soon as it exited your controlled environment? I mean…waiting rooms+people’s fingers=Germs. That’s my concern. But it’s truly groundbreaking work.

To the OgilvyOne Middle East team, great work, cool innovation. Give me more of that 🙂


/UPDATE/: We found the video explaining the campaign, and it seems the ad is protect by a plastic film. The reader can then remove and taste. Talk about conversation started.

On top of that, people will probably keep with them to share the experience and start conversation with other people in their circle. That’s right #Transmedia.

Good work

/End of Update/


5 responses to “The World First Tastable Print Advertising.

  1. Halo!
    C’est vraiment innovant comme campagne publicitaire mais bien sur, je reste sceptique (et j’assume totalement!) Sur la qualité hygiénique de ce type de campagne. Et oui, je veux dire que je partage la peur et mm la paranoïa sanitaire car malgré le film de protection, qu’est- ce qui certifie avec justesse que l’usager avant nous par exemple aura une hygiène digitale exemplaire? Pk ne pas prévoir tant qu’on y est le liquide nettoyant pour les doigts?

    • Tout a fait d’accord. Je pense aussi que le problème d’hygiène n’a pas été resolu. Je me demande si ils supposent que la page ne va pas circuler. Mais imaginons une seconde qu’un lecteur prenne un morceau pour goutter (ce qui est en fait le but) et remet la page en place (OMG DISGUSTING, ok je me calme).

    • I agree that there’s a lot of work to be done here, but i’d like to think that this is one step closer to something more interesting. Technology is growing faster than we can wrap our mind around it. Waiting to see what’s next.

  2. je suis du même avis que vous, très innovant mais du point de vue pratique c’est pas le cas

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